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March.2021: I NEED your input!

  • Last month I had made a little questionnaire that some of you may have noticed. I want more input from those who are new around here and those that might of missed the post. There will be a HUGE GIVEAWAY with a lot of my new products from the shop, however I want to know WHAT you guys would like! It takes less than 30seconds to fill out and its multiple choice so you don’t have to think. FILL OUT THE SURVEY HERE


Commissions are currently closed until I get caught back up with the ones I have on my waitlist. I am still open to do Emote commissions as those are quick n’ easy.

Commissions are CLOSED! 

(come get yer smut)

Custom art print commissions are open once again!  Don’t know what to  commission or just wish to support? Check out my patreon page! its a pay what you want, so pay a dollar, pay a few dollars, surprise me!