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Commissions are Closed! 

[I know I have gotten in quiet a few requests for commissions, and I have yet to respond to them, I am sorry for not doing so. But I am currently struggling with working from home, with mandatory OT for my day job all while trying to do home school for my son with the whole lock down. I am overwhelmed and frankly my depression is crippling me with all this extra stress. I have to close commissions for the time being and just focus on current IRL events, and any art I am going to be doing on stream will be purely for relaxation and just out of the blue rather than meeting demands of others. Yes its for myself, and I am going to be selfish for the time being. ]

(come get yer smut)

Custom art print commissions are open once again!  Don’t know what to  commission or just wish to support? Check out my patreon page! its a pay what you want, so pay a dollar, pay a few dollars, surprise me!