Welcome to ZeroJigoku Artwork!

Jan.12.2021: Commission info

  • Anyone that I had previously done “pogchamp” like emote before can email me, and I will be willing to do a new emote to replace the pogchamp version. Since not sure what Twitch is going to do about all the pogchamp and what not.

Jan.06.2021:  Thank you!

For everyone that participated in the New year/End of the year commission sale. This was a great way to kick off the new year and end a bad year, I am hoping to do more sales like this in the future. 

     Keep a close eye on this page as well as social media accounts for some surprise goodies in the near near future! 


I can only work on commissions Friday/Sat/Sunday(I work a day job during the week), however I do try to check my emails/form submissions once a day. IF I am not exhausted I will work late nights after my day job, but I am sacrificing sleep to do so.

Commissions are OPEN! 

(come get yer smut)

Custom art print commissions are open once again!  Don’t know what to  commission or just wish to support? Check out my patreon page! its a pay what you want, so pay a dollar, pay a few dollars, surprise me!