2015 Art Summary

2015 Summary of Art

2015 Is Almost Over!

I feel that 2015 was one of my most successful years in my art skill improving, as well as commission rate. I had the most commission requests this year than I have had in previous years. This year I had experimented with my style and trying to keep the anime feel in it as well as trying to get a more realistic look when it comes to shading. One of my biggest goals this year was to work on doing background grounds for most art that I produce and become better at painting background work. A small tip I tried to keep in mind while improving on my background skills is to make sure the character looks like it goes with the background instead of two separate images stuck on top of one another.


2016 Resolution

This upcoming year I plan to try my best at drawing daily, as I felt this previous 2015 year the more often I drew the more improvement I saw a faster rate. (should be no brainer right? lol)  I know the drawing daily can be a tough challenge as it is a habit I had broke years ago once I got heavy into MMO’s and the online gaming world. But after some careful reading about experiences and tips that other successful artist suggest on this drawing daily, that it doesnt matter if its a finished product or what. The only thing that matters is I got a pen in hand and paper or surface that I can doodle, for 5 minutes, for an hour, for at least some amount of time at least once per day. This is my goal, as I try hard to achieve to be more successful and to improve my skills to a professional level.

Side note for 2016

Yay! for a button badge machine, so YES I will be doing some conventions in Singapore this year with an actual product that is more popular item compared to my bookmarks, stickers and acrylic charms.

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