ART LiveStream Schedule

Streaming will normally occur about 2-3 times daily roughly starting at 9 AM/PM (EST). I will try my best to keep up with the schedule as well as keep everyone updated. My streams will be available on Twitch, as well as Youtube and, however forewarning that Youtube tends to mute my streams shortly after they are finished broadcasting due to background music copyright. Hope to see you all there :)

MONDAY: Maid monday madness! All artwork drawn on stream will have the theme of maids.

TUESDAY: Tutorial tuesdays will have simple tutorials on how I work and programs I use.

WEDNESDAY: Waifu wednessday will feature my personal waifus, as well as possibly of a viewers waifu or two.

THURSDAY: Helpful thrusday is the day for those starting out in drawing, or even advance looking to learn how to draw certain trouble areas. To get the most out of this stream day, make sure to participate in chat, ask questions, and request in chat for helpful tips.

FRIDAY:  Fap fridays is a crazy and exotic day that will feature mostly mature rated work. NO its not porn, and do not request for it.

SATURDAY: Anything will be drawn for saturdays, from mandalas, dragons, anime girls or other random things. This is my relaxing sketch day.

SUNDAY: Chibi sundays will be featuring all artwork done in a chibi-like style.

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