Art Theft Notice!



     Just a heads up, if anyone sees my “i came in like a pokeball” artwork being sold on ANY products at all please DO NOT BUY IT! you will only be contributing to the thieves that have stolen my work trying to make quick money. I am currently NOT selling the design anywhere! since i took it down off my redbubble store. IF you are truly interested in buying a shirt, or some other item with the design drop me a message and I will see about doing it for you personally.
     I am aware that the design is starting to go viral again (with no one giving me credit, or they had taken off my watermarks/signature) due to the hype of pokemon thats happening. Please help a striving artist and let others know where credit should be given.

4 thoughts on “Art Theft Notice!

    1. ty so much for the heads up!! :( sadly amazon has a few sellers selling my work…and amazon refuses to do anything about it when I tried to get them to take down my work before. but ty sooo much for contacting me and informing me, it means a lot to me knowing pplz are trying to help keep a look out. only thing i can possible do is just advise pplz to NOT buy from the thieves because the quality of the print will be complete shit, since they do not have the high resolution image as I am the only one that has it.

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