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Commissioning Concept Art Question Guide

Over the past year and a half I have been commissioned quite a bit to design original character concept art. So here I have put together a basic questionnaire list that you can submit the answers to if you are interested in commissioning for such a type of commission piece.


  1. Hair style (long, short, shoulder length?)
  2. If female, flat chested, big chested, or average?
  3. Are they tall or short?
  4. Are they skinny, athletic, chubby?
  5. Any particular theme for them? (Are they cat like, want a water theme, animal theme, plant theme?)
  6. Are they considered non-human?
  7. Roughly how old are they? adult, child, teenager?
  8. Any sort of background history on them? (this helps me figure them out, and how they would probably look)
  9. Personality? Do you know of the type of personality they have? Are they kind and sweet? Or are they mean and closed off? Are they more of a villain or a hero?
  10. Color scheme!, what type of colors do you want in their design?
  11. Eye color
  12. Hair Color
  13. Skin Color
  14. Do they have any sort of skin markings, tattoos? piercings? deformities? birth marks? scars?
  15. Clothing style?
  16. What type of weather are they dressed for?
  17. What particular time era should their clothes represent or bring ideas from?
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Commission Waiting List

I will be working on more than one commission at a time, typically at least two and go back and forth on them during my work schedule. I never schedule close commissions due to having too many requests, so always feel free to put your request in and I will get to you when its your turn on the list.  NSFW heavy theme commissions may take a bit longer for me to get to, as during the day I cannot work on them. The only time I close commissions is when I know I will be unable to work for a long period of time, however I will inform of these types of situations on my blog here, as well as my other social media accounts.

Waiting List

[None at the moment!]

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Taking Off from Commissions!

From June 16th until June 23rd, I will be taking a break from commissions, however I will still be streaming. My streams will be of of FFXIV and my playthrough of the new Stormblood expansion for the game. So fair warning there may be spoilers on the stream~

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100 Follower goal as been met on twitch! and to top that off, twitch has requested me to be an affiliate! So what better way than to give back to those who support me!
Tune into twitch on May 14th, at 11PM CST to possibly win some goodies!

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Some switching up

Commissions have been reopened, streaming is still on the iffy side as american internet companies put bandwidths?? (seriously wtf) so I’m still working out details on how often I can stream per month :< (oh sadness!)

Commission requests will be invoiced by my new paypal american account (really you shouldn’t see much change as the invoice will appear the same) The logo was changed up to having a different background on it, other than that everything is the same. TOS has not changed.


Patreon progress:

I am still working on making/editing a video for my patreon, as well as setting up manufacturers for some of the tier rewards that patreons will receive. Once everything here has settled down more, I will have more time to actually work on the video and do more in the process of setting up my patreon.

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ART LiveStream Schedule

Streaming will normally occur about 2-3 times daily roughly starting at 9 AM/PM (EST). I will try my best to keep up with the schedule as well as keep everyone updated. My streams will be available on Twitch, as well as Youtube and, however forewarning that Youtube tends to mute my streams shortly after they are finished broadcasting due to background music copyright. Hope to see you all there :)

MONDAY: Maid monday madness! All artwork drawn on stream will have the theme of maids.

TUESDAY: Tutorial tuesdays will have simple tutorials on how I work and programs I use.

WEDNESDAY: Waifu wednessday will feature my personal waifus, as well as possibly of a viewers waifu or two.

THURSDAY: Helpful thrusday is the day for those starting out in drawing, or even advance looking to learn how to draw certain trouble areas. To get the most out of this stream day, make sure to participate in chat, ask questions, and request in chat for helpful tips.

FRIDAY:  Fap fridays is a crazy and exotic day that will feature mostly mature rated work. NO its not porn, and do not request for it.

SATURDAY: Anything will be drawn for saturdays, from mandalas, dragons, anime girls or other random things. This is my relaxing sketch day.

SUNDAY: Chibi sundays will be featuring all artwork done in a chibi-like style.

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Thank you Singapore

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful convention (boothing) experience I was given the chance to gain from the Singapore conventions this past year :)  it was a wonderful experience!  Also, all the friends and artist I got to meet while boothing and the wonderful opportunity to work along side others. I will miss everyone, and maybe in the future at some point I will come back :)