Chibi Commission Detailed Info

Commission Process:
Request for livestream through is available, please inform me at the initial ordering of your commission. Sketch(es) will be sent before further progress is done on the commission. Progress screenshots will be sent throughout the process of finishing the commission. Minor changes can be done during the process of the commission, but I can choose to decline changes if I see it as not being a minor change. During Holidays/Weekends it may be hard for me to work on commissions too much. I will also inform you if for some reason I am unable to work on your commission for an extended period of time and will keep you updated on the situation.

Completion Time Estimate:
1 to 10+ days. Time may vary due to difficult of the commission, number of commissions I have on hand, as well as how fast communication is between me and the customer.

What a basic Chibi Commission includes…
  • One (1) Chibi Character.
  • No background/ One (1) plain color background
  • Will be digitally colored
  • [optional] Additional characters is $3.00 each.
  • [optional] Complicated backgrounds is additional $5.00.
  • One 8R (8×12″)┬áSize Art Print & Digital Copy.
  • [optional] Lamination is additional $5.00. view sample

Please do not remove my signature or alter the artwork after its completed.


1 thought on “Chibi Commission Detailed Info

  1. i’m in love with your art work and style. I’d be honored to have you draw my ugly mug for a re branding type deal before i start streaming myself. i’m just trying to get anime-fied because i don’t have the prettiest face. tysm my discord name is “josh” in your channel so just let me know when i can send my ugly mug as a reference.

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