Commission Waiting List

I will be working on more than one commission at a time, typically at least two and go back and forth on them during my work schedule. I never schedule close commissions due to having too many requests, so always feel free to put your request in and I will get to you when its your turn on the list.  NSFW heavy theme commissions may take a bit longer for me to get to, as during the day I cannot work on them. The only time I close commissions is when I know I will be unable to work for a long period of time, however I will inform of these types of situations on my blog here, as well as my other social media accounts.

Waiting List

  1. [Dakimakura Case]
  2. Chibi ffxiv

2 thoughts on “Commission Waiting List

  1. Hello, I’m sorry to disturb, but I have a little question:
    There is one character from the legend of Zelda I’m totaly (maybe a little possessd?) in love with ..
    But nowhere, in the grand depth of the internet, is a Dakimakura Design for him ~

    So .. here is my question:
    Do you take commissions for any character & draw them?

    I’m so sorry for wasting your time,
    Hope you have a nice day!
    Greetings :3

    1. Hello,
      And yes I will take any character and draw them on dakimakura’s in my commissions unless the character is to be depicted as a child, as I will not sexualise underage characters for any work.

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