Commissioning Concept Art Question Guide

Over the past year and a half I have been commissioned quite a bit to design original character concept art. So here I have put together a basic questionnaire list that you can submit the answers to if you are interested in commissioning for such a type of commission piece.


  1. Hair style (long, short, shoulder length?)
  2. If female, flat chested, big chested, or average?
  3. Are they tall or short?
  4. Are they skinny, athletic, chubby?
  5. Any particular theme for them? (Are they cat like, want a water theme, animal theme, plant theme?)
  6. Are they considered non-human?
  7. Roughly how old are they? adult, child, teenager?
  8. Any sort of background history on them? (this helps me figure them out, and how they would probably look)
  9. Personality? Do you know of the type of personality they have? Are they kind and sweet? Or are they mean and closed off? Are they more of a villain or a hero?
  10. Color scheme!, what type of colors do you want in their design?
  11. Eye color
  12. Hair Color
  13. Skin Color
  14. Do they have any sort of skin markings, tattoos? piercings? deformities? birth marks? scars?
  15. Clothing style?
  16. What type of weather are they dressed for?
  17. What particular time era should their clothes represent or bring ideas from?

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