Dakimakura Lovers read this!

Soon in the upcoming months, I will be opening up a new option on my commissions page, as well as my shop area for Dakimakura orders. You can either buy pre-existing designs that I do outside of commissions, or you can custom order through the commissions page once they become available. You can be either a veteran Dakimakura owner, or someone interested in owning their very first Dakimakura, feel free to ask me questions on quality and images of samples of the Dakimakuras. Dakimakura orders regardless if they are custom commissions or ones from my shop will be shipping out from the USA.(still waiting to confirm this!)

Hopefully around early October, I will be able to have samples of pre-existing designs available so you can be informed on the quality of artwork that these will be printed with. My schedule is quite hectic at the moment due to I have a lot of family issues that suddenly happened. I will try to keep my site updated and fans informed on the situation with these Dakimakura as this is something I have been wanting to start up for a few years now.

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