An email will be sent to your inbox once I have received the order. Please be sure to provide a valid email address. Make sure that you have read all the information regarding my commissions, what they include and the terms of service that I will be providing.

Terms of Service

ZeroJigoku Artwork is the life work of Candace Onnen, a freelance illustrator that strives to continue growing in the art community.

ZeroJigoku Artwork’s commission’s mission is to work together in a partnership with the customer to create an end result that is close to what the customer envisioned to the best of my ability. Communication is key during the entire commission process from sketch to finish.

By accessing ZeroJigoku Artwork commission’s information, reviewing the provided content, ordering and/or purchasing custom art print commissions, you confirm that you agree to the terms of the agreement, which are outlined below. This agreement is between you and ZeroJigoku Artwork (aka Candace Onnen.)

Conditions of Sale

You are eligible to purchase art through ZeroJigoku Artwork if:

  • You agree to pay in full when an invoice is sent via once sent to you before any more progress is made on your commission.
  • You agree to provide us with a working email address and reive drafts, progression shots, and final versions of artwork via email (this may require checking your spam folder if you do not immediately hear from me after a few days of placing your order.)
  • You agree to provide feedback on the sketch drafts via email.
  • You acknowledge that you cannot request an artistic style different from what is shown in my gallery and sample commissions. I am open to negotiate a unique contract with you if you insist on another style, but I have all rights to reject if I feel so.
  • You agree to provide reference materials rather it be in a text description and/or photos when requesting a commission.
  • You are free range to request any type of subject in your commission requests, but I may or may not reject it if it’s extremely offensive. I am open for sexual related themes, but even I have my limits as to what I can go. (It doesn’t hurt to ask if you are unsure.)
  • You are allowed to request the orientation of the commission (portrait, landscape, square etc.) but be mindful it will always be printed on a 8R (8×12”) white art print.
  • You are willing to let me publish drafts, and final versions of your commission on my site ( or any of my online art portfolios where I actively share my work.
  • If you commission a gift for someone, and need it to be kept a secret until you have given them the finished product; please let me know a date by which I can post the work on my site ( or any of my online art portfolios where I actively share my work.
  • You acknowledge that the quality of the art you receive through ZeroJigoku Artwork depends to a great extent on the quality of reference you have supplied and the direction you provide, and that the quality of your work will suffer if you do not provide quality reference and clear, specific, and explicit direction.
  • You acknowledge that you will only be able to give feedback on one rough sketch provided out of the few initial sketches I will provide. You may give minor feedback throughout the commission, but if I see it too difficult to follow at the given point in the commission process I can reject the feedback. (It’s better to speak up early on than waiting late in the process.)
  • You acknowledge that payment for original work through ZeroJigoku is non-refundable unless the final work is never created, or an emergency arises on my end and I am unable to continue on the commission.
  • You acknowledge that you will not be billed/invoiced until final feedback during the sketch stage (before color and lineart is added.) and I may turn down your order without given reason.
  • You acknowledge that if you’re custom art print commission is damaged during transit in the mail that I will not be held accountable and will not issue a refund.
  • You acknowledge that your custom art print commission will be packed between hard cardboard (matte board) and inside a waterproof bubble envelope for safety.
  • You acknowledge that if prices change, and I have not personally quoted you a price on your commission order than you will be subjected to the price change.

This agreement may be modified at any given time.

Custom Art Print Commission prices may change at any given time.