FF14 Summoner Commission

This is the progress I have done so far on the FFXIV character portrait of this summoner. He’s a male miqo’te using a ifrit egi. I had went thru a few sketches before I was able to start progressing past the sketch stage on this commission, the character kept turning out girly due to my lack of drawing guys experience. I am studying on my free time to help fix this issue and broaden my experience.

sketchwip2 refined sketch

During the refining of the background, adding in colors and more details I had struggled with keeping my manga studio from NOT crashing. Was completely terrible that night and I ended up being up till 4 am working on trying to finish the background. If you cannot tell, the background setting is based on the Lost City of Ampador. This was requested by the commissioner, and was fun to do with all those weird puffy shit floating around.
bgwipcom1 bgwipcomm2 bgfinishedwip1

I have already started inking the character, but as far as the background goes; its pretty much finished. There will be some more tweaks after I get the miqo’te summoner and ifrit finished up but this is a good foundation for it. More updates later when I get more done with it.


Update: 4/4/2016.

Finished up the lineart and got the “all okay” to start coloring/shading and finishing up the piece.

lineart finishedfinal

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