FFXIV PLD Commish Revised

Alrighty, well I had forgotten an important part for the request on this commission; the scar on the face must be seen. I went and revised one of the previous sketches, as well as sketched up a full frontal pose. Sketching this miqo’te paladin has been really fun, and I can’t wait to progress further on the sketch. After feedback from the commissioner, I will be progressing further on the full frontal pose. :) Hopefully I will be able to finish homework up tonight, so later or tomorrow I can start the inking/lineart of this piece. I will be doing some experimentation on the background by doing a bit mix media. I plan to do the sky portion, and possibly the mountains in the background with chalk pastels and color pencils. The front portion of the ground, as well as Ishgard in the background will be done digitally however. Trying to blend traditional work with digital is going to be challenging as I haven’t really done this before.

Sketch 1 B Sketch 4

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