Flower Oil Painting Triptic Completed


Finished as far as I could get done with this triptic oil painting commission that my eldest sister hired me to do for their house.  It was a challenging piece but fun, as I have done a few triptics in the past. However as it was challenging since its been over 5 years since I had last oil painted, I had to get used to the medium again. I had started painting the center panel first as I knew this was the panel that would take the longest due to all the petals and details in it.

There is a lot that I am not happy with, such as the transition between the panels is not completely consistent  as some values change drastically like they are not supposed to. I am quiet happy with how vibrant the painting had came out as, I think this would really make a room pop as my sister has turquoise colors on the walls in her house, so its going to really look good hung up.

Overall I am happy with it as the amount of time I got to spend on it was quiet limited, and my sister is happy with the outcome. I really wish I could oil paint more often, but living where I do in Singapore there’s no space to oil paint, and no place to let it dry without being tempered with. Maybe sometime in the future once my hubby and I have established our family and selves better I will have an actual art studio to do oil painting in with no problems.

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