Free Dakimakura Giveaway Event

giveawaytemplate copy copy      A giveaway event is coming soon due to the new option available in my custom commissions. That’s right! Dakimakura pillow cases will now be available in my commissions, as well as a new add-on option of button badges for some commissions. This giveaway event is open to all persons that are 18 years of age or older due to the FREE dakimakura that’s being given away is nude.


Event Starts on Jan. 1st, 2016 and ends on Jan. 31st, 2016.

  • All you have to do is share the event through various of social media sites from this page:
  • Each option will give you 1 point into the draw, while referring friends will gain you 2 points.
  • All point options are available for daily points, so each day you share the more points you get, the more likely you will win.
  • There is only ONE WINNER!
  • The winner will receive 1 dakimakura pillow case, and 2 button badge designs. One button badge will be a “I came in like a pokeball” pikachu parody meme that went viral from my deviantart page in 2014. The second design will be random artwork from ZeroJigoku’s portfolio.
About The Prizes
  1. The dakimakura pillow case is a silky smooth case that’s made from 100% polyester. This case is only one-sided and features a nude Au’Ra (dragon-like) anime girl.
  2. Both button badges are metal and hand pressed. They are roughly 2” button sizes.



Alongside of Chibi | Bust | Half Body | Full Body| print commissions will be Custom Dakimakura commissions. This option allows a person to have ZeroJigoku draw and design a one of a kind Dakimakura pillow case. Included in the price for this commission the customer will receive the design printed on a dakimakura pillow case and mailed to the mailing address they had provided. The mailing process of this option will take longer than the normal print commissions due to the cases are being printed by a third-party. However using a third-party for printing, ZeroJigoku will receive the cases and check them personally before mailing to the customer to ensure that quality is good.


As of now ZeroJigoku offers several add-on options such as lamination, color matte mounted, and hand-signed. Now there will be an option to have your custom commission printed onto a hand-pressed metal button badge. The button option is only available for Chibi | Bust | Half Body commissions, keep in mind that some cropping will happen. Even though some cropping will occur, the digital design of the button will be emailed to the customer before the print and making of the button. Changes of the cropping and such can be requested by the customer.

The buttons will be mailed along with the art print of the commission, the button will be in its own bubbled wrapped envelope inside the package with the art print. This helps to prevent the button from opening during transit and possibly damaging the art print.

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