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!!NOTICE:  Commissions will take me longer than normal since I am only able to work on friday nights, saturday/sunday IF I am able to sit down and work undisturbed. [2020]

Hello and welcome to my [private] Commissions page! Here you will find samples of previously finished commissions, as well as pricing, details and what all commissioning me includes.
All work will be done digitally, using Manga Studio and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Pricing is set to USD (United States Dollar.) Commissions (Art Prints) will be mailed to the address that is used in your paypal, please make sure its valid. Please be sure to read everything before ordering a commission so that you know what you are paying for.  Paypal Only!

Clearing up payment confusion. I will bill you with Paypal (a one time invoice) After the sketch is completed, and you have said it is okay to continue/Ink/color. You will NOT be asked to pay beforehand or after this point. This is how I have always done my commissions and will continue to use this method no exceptions.

Use the submenu from the main menu or the quick links here to view commission types, their prices and details.

Chibi   |   Twitch Emotes   |   Cropped   |   Full Body   |   Bodypillow Case (Dakimakura)  |  (OC) Character Design

NSFW Requests:

I do take R18 (NSFW) requests, but these will have NO print available.
Depending on the type of requests in this genre the price will vary. The NSFW requests start at $100.00+ USD.

If the order form does not work please email me at:  KYANDEISU@GMAIL.COM
Paypal Only!

Notice of Agreement
When you have purchased a commission request from ZeroJigoku Artwork, you are agreeing to use it for private use only. Reproducing any of the artwork/products for profit will be in violation to copyright terms. ZeroJigoku Artwork will hold copyright over the artwork (not the actual character being depicted in the artwork.) Commissions may or may not be reproduced by ZeroJigoku in the online shops available, and/or for convention uses.

2 thoughts on “Hire Me!

  1. hello, my name is satsuki, i spoke to you before on sams discord . i just had a few questions about if i choose to commission a picture from you, i have about 5 ref pictures and an idea of what i would like it to look like and the price for something, i know our full bodies are 85 but wondered if it changed for detailed pictures, not very but slightly.

    1. Hello satsuki!
      sorry for the delay in response, I was having some connection issues on logining into my site to make a response. As for price changes, the only changes that will happen in the price is, additional characters being added in (doesnt matter how detail they are) and if the background is detailed. the amount of detail doesnt matter :)

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