OC [Original Character] Design

Price:     $150.00

samples 01  |  samples 02  |  samples 03

Detailed Information

What you get
  • One (1) Character.
  • No Background / Simple Fade Background
  • One (1) 8R (8″x12″) Size Physical Art Print
  • Full Resolution Digital Copy

Optional add-ons
  • Additional outfits:    + $15.00 each
  • Lamination:    + $5.00
  • Additional Print Copies:    + $7.00 each

If you order more than one copy and want all of them laminated than you will be charge their price per additional copy.

Detailed Information

Notes on Ownership

  • You will get full rights to use the character design however you like, not the artwork itself. I will have full rights to use the artwork in self promotion if I choose to. Meaning, you can have the character design drawn by another artist, have the design replicated in games, books, mangas, animation projects or whatever. The artwork itself is not allowed to be replicated and reprinted.