Sharing/Reposting my work

GO AHEAD! honestly I really don’t mind if you wish to share or repost my work elsewhere, the only thing I do want is that you link it back to me, or at least credit “zerojigoku artwork” that way people know where to find me at    Sharing IS caring after all, and my work is here for others to enjoy and if you can help spread that than please do.

My only pet peeve is when people do share or repost my work without even crediting me, stealing the credit or somehow try to profit off my work. These 3 things are a big no no and I will take action to get my work taken down. However regardless if credit is given when you try to make a profit off my work will always be NO, and I will always take action to stop it.

I cant always find every possible good site to share my work on, if you know of a place that my work is relevant and would fit into its community well, go ahead and post my work there, just credit me back and do not pose as me. I know a few have tried to get me to post on reddit (I totally would if I could get it to work :(  )  however, every time I try posting on that site I cannot ever get things to work properly, its too advancedcry_lilith

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