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Commissioning Concept Art Question Guide

Over the past year and a half I have been commissioned quite a bit to design original character concept art. So here I have put together a basic questionnaire list that you can submit the answers to if you are interested in commissioning for such a type of commission piece.


  1. Hair style (long, short, shoulder length?)
  2. If female, flat chested, big chested, or average?
  3. Are they tall or short?
  4. Are they skinny, athletic, chubby?
  5. Any particular theme for them? (Are they cat like, want a water theme, animal theme, plant theme?)
  6. Are they considered non-human?
  7. Roughly how old are they? adult, child, teenager?
  8. Any sort of background history on them? (this helps me figure them out, and how they would probably look)
  9. Personality? Do you know of the type of personality they have? Are they kind and sweet? Or are they mean and closed off? Are they more of a villain or a hero?
  10. Color scheme!, what type of colors do you want in their design?
  11. Eye color
  12. Hair Color
  13. Skin Color
  14. Do they have any sort of skin markings, tattoos? piercings? deformities? birth marks? scars?
  15. Clothing style?
  16. What type of weather are they dressed for?
  17. What particular time era should their clothes represent or bring ideas from?
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Live Stream!

[8/28/2016 9:25pm GMT+8]Stream will be turned back on in a minute!


Will be starting stream here shortly! finally got my stream set up (still unsure of sudden crashes thou ;A;) aside from that no mic testing as of yet, will work on that for another time.

Will be streaming the inking process of Serah fanart commission



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Art Theft Notice!



     Just a heads up, if anyone sees my “i came in like a pokeball” artwork being sold on ANY products at all please DO NOT BUY IT! you will only be contributing to the thieves that have stolen my work trying to make quick money. I am currently NOT selling the design anywhere! since i took it down off my redbubble store. IF you are truly interested in buying a shirt, or some other item with the design drop me a message and I will see about doing it for you personally.
     I am aware that the design is starting to go viral again (with no one giving me credit, or they had taken off my watermarks/signature) due to the hype of pokemon thats happening. Please help a striving artist and let others know where credit should be given.
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Shirts available! LIMITED TIME!

Tshirts for the viral meme of pikachu wreckingball is now available again!

3 days only so be sure to order one before they are off the market again.  Get yours here:
You can’t get this design anywhere else right now! (unless its being sold illegally without my permission, at at very terrible quality)

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Commission 6.4.2016

This commission is for designing a superhero chick based on a description of her, along with some reference pictures provided.  So far this is the progress I have made.



I have changed her face since these screenshots to make her appear older, as shes supposed to be in her early 20s.  ^^; im so terrible at drawing age differences haha.

UPDATE: 6.6.2016

got all the inking/line work done for her as well as color flats thrown in :)  sum closeup shots of the new detail work I added in.

ink n color flats wip

UPDATE 6.7.2016

got a quarter of the way done with the shading.


Finished Update :)