Tattoo Design Commission

This is a rough draft for a tattoo commission of a dear friend. I tried to have it transition from their original tattoo into this one to help create a full sleeve tat in the end. The ideas behind this was to use the mask from majoras mask zelda game, the skull kids from there, the butterflies from cowboy bebop (towards end of series), and the kodama spirits from princess mononoke. Since they have a upper portion of a sleeve already done, at the bottom of that design is a chrysanthemum thats purple and fades into orange/yellow towards the base of the petals.

So in this design to help transition it to the game/anime like design I create some of the same petals from the chrysanthemum falling off and sort of break apart, and it breaks apart into the butterflies from cowboy bebop. These butterflies were seen breaking apart like this during the series and I wanted to make sure to capture that. And in the center I have skull kid holding majoras mask with one little kodama standing on top of it, creating a masked smile on skull kid. At this point I felt the design was pretty good, but felt it needed more elements from the top portion of the tattoo sleeve that has already been inked. So I took some of the flames from that design and incorporated it as well, which really makes the left eye on majoras mask eerie like.

draft upload

I am honestly not experienced with designing tattoos, so I just hope this actually fits for a lower portion of a sleeve. Waiting to hear back from my friend to see what changes I need to make to improve the overall design, as well as eventually inking this out (probably will leave it as just lineart) that way the tattoo artist can figure out how to shade the colors, hopefully similar to the top tattoo design.



I believe its done, thou it does seem that there is sumthin missing and I cant quiet figure it out. Waiting to hear back from my friend to see if they want any changes done.


[April 10th 2016 update]

A few small changes have been made but its now officially finished.
tatt commupload

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