Updated Commissions

Commissions will be slow, as some of you already know my tablet stopped working two weeks ago, and this past week I was lucky enough to be able to barrow one from a friend until I can afford to buy a new one. (tax return time!)
I am still getting used to this temporary tablet as the pen sensitivity is not like my old one. However, I will NOT close commissions, they will stay open.

New commissioners
Twitch/Discord emotes is now an option for commissions! $25.00USD for 6 different icons, you will receive 6 different pixel sizes of each emote, and the sizes will be for Twitch standards on subscriber emotes/icons.

Dakimakura Case Commission UPDATE!
I have updated the requirement on dakimakura case requests. Due to the new work that I have been doing over at animedakimakurapillow.com, I will now be doing commissions that will be the same pose (different clothing colors/nude/less clothes) as the backside option instead of the previous commission of two separate poses for each side. I will continue to offer doing a different pose per side but will charge per pose.