Y’shtola Fanart midterm project

So I had to create a speech about a “how to” informative about something. Well I have no clue what to do, so I figured I would do a rough speech about how to do a portrait drawing in Manga Studio EX, as this is something I do for commissions and work-related projects. There are some helpful tips in the video that other artist could find helpful. I pretty much go through the progress from sketch to finish, the video speech will be posted once I am done recording the speech half, as well as editing it together. ^^ Here is the finished artwork thou!
yshtola upload

This is supposed to be Y’shtola from FFXIV, dressed for the holidays while in ishgard. (cant really tell its ishgard in the background since I just threw crap in  8D keke..)

Here is some progress shots on the Commission thats FFXIV themed that I am sooo close to finishing!
wip11 wip10closeup

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